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How a free online journal saved me

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This is a story about how a free online journal saved me from the deepest darkest depths of depression. In 2017 I found myself struggling to recognise the person staring back at me in the mirror.

I started an online journal at journey.cloud and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was able to see more clearly how felt in writing. It was concrete evidence that I needed to make changes. Reading just how miserable I was for a few weeks was enough to motivate me to make big changes in my life. I decided to move from Rwanda to Portugal. I documented everything and was able to see the drastic difference in my well-being when I made the move. Finally, I was able to get myself back. And for that I am grateful to journey.cloud.

Is my data safe?

Yes. All your data is private and protected.

Can I access it on different devices?

YES! You can access your journal on your phone, laptop or table device.

Online vs Offline Journals

The online method works especially well for me because I move around a lot so cannot keep many belongings. Striving for minimalism has been a priority as possible. I wouldn’t like to fill a journal then have to carry it around and I certainly wouldn’t want to throw it out or even putting it storage does not appeal to me. so an online journal is perfect. I have 3 years of data now which is awesome. Looking back I can see clearly how far I have gone. It really helps to keep track of your emotions and well-being. I can’t recommend enough.

Start your free online journal today!

Get through life’s rough patches by trying journey cloud. You won’t regret it. Keep at it. Even if you don’t write in a month, keep writing. Every word you write will be super useful in the future when you read back. Each entry captures exactly how you are feeling in that particular time, forever. You can look back and be reminded of things you would not have remembered otherwise.

Free vs Paid Online Journals

There is a free version which is what I started on but quickly upgraded because it was worth it at only $30 for the year. Being a cheap skate, I very rarely signup to subscriptions but this one gets my seal of approval 1,000 times over.

Go ahead and share this information with your loved ones, you might save a life.

How an online journal saved me

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