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I find I have to be vigilant to make sure I am not tired through out the day – getting enough quality sleep and eating well. However, sometimes it seems that no matter what I do, I am so tired during the day from the moment I wake up. On such days, I have to use reinforcements. I do sometimes drink coffee but it’s not the most pleasant experience for me. It makes me more anxious and my hands shake. I have been on the hunt for an alternative for many years now. A shot of broccoli sprout juice has proven to be a winner for me. While the taste is quite something, it definitely perks me up in the morning. It is not to be consumed in the evening as you will likely have trouble sleeping. So what’s so special about broccoli sprouts?

So what is sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane is an organic compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts etc. This compound has been scientifically shown to activate anti-cancer genes and clear out carcinogens. It is a natural nootropic which means it enhances memory and other cognitive functions.

How can you get it?

Broccoli sprouts (not brussels sprouts) are one of the most potent sources of sulforaphane, and guess what? You can grow your own quite easily! You do not need any garden space or green fingers at all! I’ve managed to kill 4 bonsai trees (not on purpose!) in the last 15 years but I was able to grow my own sprouts. All you need is a sprouting kit (a jar with a holey lid) and some seeds – that’s it! You will make a lot more than you can eat straight away but don’t worry, you can absolutely freeze the sprouts. In fact, freezing improves the bioavailability of this good stuff. You can make juices or sprinkle in salads but do not cook or heat the sprouts as that damages the goodness.

Perhaps growing your own seems like a lot of hassle. Don’t worry, you can get supplements with broccoli sprout extract which will work the same.

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