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How to get fit without going to the gym

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Staying fit is more important now more than ever. In this post, I will share 3 ways to get fit without going to the gym.

Why would you avoid going to the gym?

There are plenty of reasons one might one give the gym a pass. The recent situation has meant most, if not everyone, around the world cannot go to the gym until the virus is under control. However for me personally, even before this mayhem, I have always avoided the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I am not discouraging gyms but they are just not for everyone. I love being fit and using gym machines but I just don’t like the social aspect. Whenever I have gone it feels like the social dynamics at a watering hole in the African savannah. Everyone looking around and checking everyone out. It makes me feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Of course I could just try and work on my confidence but I would prefer to save money anyway by forgoing gym membership.

How can you get fit without going to the gym?

1. Get fit with a weighted hoop

I discovered the amazingness of weighted hoops by chance. A friend of mine was gifted one by his mum as a birthday present. After trying it at a dinner party I instantly felly in love. The sheer size and weight may look and feel intimidating at first but it is a lot easier than you think. My 10 year old nephew can quite confidently and expertly hula with my massive 1.25kg hoop with a whopping 100cm diameter. It is the starter one. The next is 1.8kg!

Weighted Hoops FAQ

How do I exercise with a weighted hoop?

You want to make sure your core is engaged when hula hooping. Start with 5 mins everyday and increase as it becomes easier. Listen to some fun music to make the time pass and to help you engage your muscles more.

Does a weighted hoop hurt?

Depending on how delicate you are, the first time may hurt. You might even get a bruise the next day (I didn’t but I have heard that it is possible). Be sure to stick with it because the more you do it, the more your body adjusts. Getting a hoop that doesn’t have big lumps also minimises pain. Please see below for my recommendation.

Is a weighted hoop easy to assemble?

Absolutely! It’s one the reasons I love it! You can take it with you on your travels or to the park or keep it behind a sofa assembled. It’s a great portable item.

Can anyone use a weighted hoop?

Absolutely! As long as you don’t have any pain in your midriff area. If you do then go get that checked out first.

What is the best weighted hoop to buy?

It is best to start with the lighter weight first then you can graduate to heavier size much much later. Also get a smoother one with minimal bumps on the inside as the bumps are more likely to hurt and bruise. I don’t even know why they have such designs. I luckily read a lot of reviews so made the smart choice. The cheapest ones have bumps so be mindful of that.

Click on the image below for the best starter hula hoop.

2. Get fit with a jump rope

My childhood involved a lot of jump rope. Growing up in Zimbabwe, it was a relatively cheap way to keep 5+ kids entertained. Although we didn’t really do solo jump rope, but the type where you have two people hold a long rope and a few people in the middle jumping. We had much fun playing various games in this format.

Why is jump rope good for you?

Looking back I can see that it was excellent exercise, great for developing body coordination skills, reaction times and muscle tone. As a grown up, I found myself living in Nairobi and not wanting to go to the gym. I happened to have a very long cord for an epilator that I decided to use jump rope in my room. Without going to the gym, I was able to get fit in my own room. The electric cord died as a result so could not use it for the epilator anymore but I kept using it as a jump rope. Of course I did get a proper jump rope in the end which was MUCH better, because of the handles especially.

Is jump rope suitable for everyone?

Sadly jump rope is not suitable for everyone. It can be quite taxing on your knees so skip this one (pun very much intended) and try my other at home fitness recommendations.

Where to start with jump rope?

You need to get a very good pair of trainers/runners. If you are serious about staying fit (which, let’s face it, you should be) then it is crucial to invest in a decent pair of sports shoes. Make sure your arches are supported well. Don’t shy away from insoles to supplement your current shoes.

3. Turbo trainer

Admittedly this one has higher setup costs but it is absolutely worth it. If you already have a bike you can turn it into a cycling machine! How incredible is that?! This allows to cycle no matter what the weather is outside. I got onto the turbo trainer because I have always loved cycling but I don’t like cycling on the roads with cars dealing with traffic. It causes much stress. Once, I lived near a park I could cycle near but when living in a very urban area this is not possible.

The cheapest best reviewed turbo trainer

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  1. So useful! I used to go to the gym and while I liked the machines I disliked the being around other people. Will check out the hoops – they seem like fun.

    1. I’m exactly the same! Glad I’m not the only one 😀

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